Sarab Tabqoos

May 5, 2021 | About Dam

The creativity of a worthiness , innovation ,culture and civilization centre SARAB and TABQOS village from the deep end of discouragements . It’s been a life time having this dust of homelessness and displacement sitting on our tired faces heavily ; seeing ourselves in such a world of uncertainty being lost in the deep end of a dead Sea to be alienated , getting closer to and absorbed like a droplet of rain in the vast sea of well known strangest world of uncertainty .

We have been and we are going through a hill of a lot hardships over decades ; some got killed and slaughtered; some had to leave everything to be alive and brought up to start up new live from scratch repeatedly. some went to east and some gone to west to be migrated because of this centuries of corruption, fascism and the most unbelievable way of discrimination for our ethnicity as Hazara being minorities. Yes , we are who we are ; we are Hazara , heading towards all walks of life in thousands of ways ; thousands of losses and thousands ways of uncertainties ! We are like this birds without wings ; thousands of times within thousands of hopes and eagerness made settlements to be part this colourful world within our colours but never seen ourselves to be seen as such unfortunately and it really seems we are mistakenly born to be hated and thrown away perhaps ; or God may not wanted us to born and be Hazara ; believers ; believing in God or in fact God may not like us to be Hazara. What can possibly be done for the sake of GOD for our livelihood In this world of uncertainties and the desert of misery then? The only way that must be said is to rely on the heart ; the love and the type of live that exist for ever ; the love that we born and raised with in the warmth arm of a mother and under big shadows of a father ; the special kind of father who also raised us with love , in their lifetime by punctualities and capabilities .

This credibility kind of love is going to be our first and last kind of love that follow us like a shadow wherever we go . However we lost many characters over this lifetime in decades but our only way for us is to stick together with this love and patience to curry on our well beings , respects and humanities. Our original Identity ٫ our belongings, individuality are the beauty of this little world as we believe in order to make a difference and for us to be together with this positive attitude and mindset as Hazara minority . On our togetherness we know and we have a hill of a lot sad stories that could break hearts and bring tears to our eyes , the more we turn the pages of our history the deeper part of sadness ,unspoken and unheard stories we reach ; where our brain freezes to put the word together to describe the indescribable history of our people. Our only way of existence is to read our sad history to find out the values of the greatnesses of all characters who had made a huge differences and changes over this rocky livelihood of our generations and use it for the goodnesses of our uncertain future in such environments where there’s no sign of hope but possible to bring hopes and the first important part this creation of hope is WATER .

SARAB and TABQOS is The village of brilliance and brightness located in the heart of JAGHORI surrounded by this high mountains ,covered with snow with highest hope of water and what is called the Centre of Civilization which have been amazingly keeping the lights of science and knowledge on and brighten through many years and now the reflection of this toughness is our new generation stepping up to follow up their father’s step with a whole lots of creativity by love and prosperity . The new generation has no support, no facilities but the tools they have is their educated characters to have their hope alive and use as weapon of creativity to create opportunities and for them water and power now is first step to continue reaching their goals. So here we go we are now watching them doing all of this creativity right in the depth of discouragement in this beautiful village centre of innovation, culture and civilization responsibly. There are a few Dam in JAGHORI completed all by the goodnesses of this hard working Hazara people and the financial support of fellow Hazara people from in and out of this village and also humanitarian supplies chains from around the world in order to save water and save lives.

Now the biggest and the highest hope of this constructive project is under way right by this high mountains in SARAB which is the name this of this village and means WATER HEAD . This village (SARAB /WATER HEAD /WATER SOURCE) is the best spot of a great source of water not only enough for this village but will be enough for the entire neighbourhood and nearby villages if technically and successfully completed . This Dam is not only a great source of water but it can produce power as well . As we all know water and electricity are the greatest blessings for a society so the aim is to make this blessings happen and for us to be able to have this DAM finished we need your kindly financial support to make this oldest dream come true , to put those missing smiles back to the face of this poor people because these people are the most deprived tribe and disadvantaged people whom I know and surely you will too. And in the end my message and hope to all of you is to take your time , read and share this heart written message in order to get the greatness of our humanitarian financial support for this poor people to reach their goals and Dreams from deep end of discouragement .

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