The necessity for SeTD construction

May 5, 2021 | About Dam

As a small rural community, we have launched a people-led project for construction of a dam, called Sarab-e-Tabqoos Dam (SeTD), for water storage, production of electricity, protection of the environment and greening of the area for attraction of the visitors and tourists. The dam is constructed in Sarab-e-Tabqoos Village (SeTV), an isolated and poor village of Jaghori District, in Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

The extremely-poor villagers of SeTV and the people living in the neighbouring villages who have been long deprived of any governmental services and projects and of the international donors’ support either due to intentional negligence of the government and/or because of the lack of the financial capability, are mainly relying and depending on traditional agricultural economy and basic agricultural products for their livelihoods and for paying the educational costs of their school and university students, in particular, the costs of education of the girls. Unfortunately, the extreme drought and shortage of water in the recent decade has left almost no hope for the villagers and residents of the rural area except that the dam be constructed for water storage, electricity production, environment protection and greening to work out as a solution.

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